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Our GCS Team

Our experts are highly experienced, highly qualified successful business owners. Becoming a Growth Curve Specialist or Strategist has a distinct competitive advantage in the very crowded industry of the business consultant.

Their experience in running and managing their own successful company for 5 + years, their experience in working with high level executive leaders in companies up to 500 + employees and their ability to engage a team of leaders and work through tough and challenging issues, combine to keep this community of certified GCS selective, effective and competitive.

Here is the current roster of experienced, capable Growth Curve Specialists and Strategists. Any of our Growth Curve Specialists or Strategists would be happy to talk to you about the advantages they have received from becoming certified. Please feel free to email them with questions.

Brad Eure

With over three decades of operations and management experience, Brad has developed a sharp eye for what it takes to ...
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Tom Willett

TRW Consulting was launched in 1986 in Columbus, OH. For the past 30+ years, it has assisted small business owners ...
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Terri Norvell

With more than 25 years experience in up-and-down market cycles, Terri Norvell excels at helping leaders thrive with change and ...
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Kate Ripp

Kate Ripp believes that small and mid-size businesses are the back bone of our society. In order for them to ...
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Tom Krekel

Tom Krekel’s business and leadership skills grew from more than 30 years as a top executive and business owner in ...
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