I refer to the ‘hidden agents’ that are a part of the 7 Stages of Growth model, as Business Value Drivers. That’s because as you help a CEO understand which of the hidden agents are creating obstacles to their growth, the Value to their Business is immediate.

Take the hidden agent, Leadership Modality. While this is a challenging concept to explain, it’s a powerful one and shouldn’t be neglected. Here is why you want to better understand this hidden agent.

  1. You are putting a language to something no one is really talking about. The idea of a CEO, or Managers or Staff having a “Presence” in a company is unique to our model. The ability of a Manager to recognize the “Influence” they have in the organization, say at Stage 4, cements the impact this group has on the organization.
  2. When does anyone talk about Staff being Dominant? No one! If I had understood this concept when the company I ran was in Stage 3, I believe the impact would have been immediate and positive. To help the most important asset in a company recognize they have “Influence” and at such a critical stage of growth is worth its weight in gold.
  3. Imagine a conversation around the conference table, led by the staff or by the managers regarding this incredible concept. The richness of that conversation and the ability for the group to respect and understand the difference between “Facilitative and Supportive” would be valuable at any stage of growth.

What are the hidden agents in the 7 Stages of Growth?

A hidden agent is something that lies beneath the surface of a company, making it hard for a leader to diagnose exactly what’s going on. By understanding the concept of hidden agents and being aware of what they are, a CEO can dig deeper to see what the root cause of a problem is and then fix it. Here is a list of the hidden agents that are a part of the 7 Stages of Growth.

  1. Builder/Protector Ratio
  2. Leadership Modality
  3. 3 Faces of a Leader
  4. 27 Challenges
  5. 27 Strengths
  6. Leadership Style
  7. Leadership Competencies
  8. Non-negotiable Rules

By helping a CEO adjust one or several of these hidden agents, i.e. being Facilitative in Stage 3 vs Dominant, you will provide clarity for that leader on exactly what they can do to remove an obstacle to growth. Help a CEO understand these Business Value Drivers. What other model provides this level of understanding in terms of what needs to be done to help a company grow? I’ve read hundreds of books, evaluated models that focus on the strategic elements of growth but not the tactical elements.  No one is helping a CEO actually PREDICT growth. To this day, I feel that when we engage a CEO with the 7 Stages of Growth, we are providing effective long-term solutions and teaching them what they need to do today to increase performance, improve profitability and productivity as they add people to their organization.

We provide a proven and predictive model for growth.

My goal is to help you feel comfortable in explaining these concepts. Never hesitate to connect with me personally.

Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!