Jay Steven Levin

From a monk in a secluded forest monastery to penthouse corporate boardrooms, Jay’s focus has been on helping high achievers, to achieve more of what they want. As a monk, Jay led retreats worldwide to 1000’s of professionals, applying the art of concentration, meditation and emotional intelligence towards winning greater personal and professional success.
Turning to media, marketing and advertising, Jay broke sales records, opened new markets, created new products and led sales teams for some of the planet’s most powerful media brands, including AOL, COX, FOX TV, Clear Channel Radio & Warner Books. As SVP, COO & President, he turned a failing Ad Network into a $10,000,000.00 industry leader, in less than 4 years.

WinThinking’s clients rely on its winning methodologies, accurate assessment interpretation and ability to engage, uncover and facilitate solutions to amplify personal, team and organization winning.

WinThinking clients rely on a time tested and ROI driven process approach, powered by practical, business focused assessment tools to leverage integrated, state-of-the-art, neuroscience based assessments. Jay and his team are certified as a EQ, Behavioral, and Psychometric Analysts. Jay is further certified as a Mediator, and former Vistage Chair.
As Founder and Chief Cooperation Officer of WinThinking, Jay brings over 30 years of business and behavioral consulting experience. He and his team serve as your success and accountability partner.

Certified GC Specialist. CPCC (Certified Professional Coactive Coach)
PCC (Professional Certified Coach) ICF, International Coaching Federation, ICF Member
Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Choice Theory Leadership Certified Coach, Pending Faculty
NLP Practitioner, NLP Marin Forbes Writer, Coaches Council Member Newsweek Writer, Expert Panel Member