When a company is in crisis, due to factors outside their control, the CEO’s presence (or lack of) will define how that company manages through that crisis.

Leadership Modality is perhaps the more difficult of the hidden agents to understand. However, it’s also a critical hidden agent and once understood, can tell you a lot about what might be creating obstacles to a company’s ability to grow.

Leadership Modality is a presence within the company that is either a Dominant presence, a Facilitative presence or a Supportive presence. It’s the manner or modality in which a person reacts to situations that can directly or indirectly affect and/or influence outcomes.

It’s important that a CEO understands the hidden agent called Leadership Modality, and recognizes that their modality is a conscious decision they assert, not only in each stage of growth, but in times where their leadership is critical to the ongoing success of the company.

How does the Dominant Modality show up in times of crisis?

  1. The leader recognizes that certain information has to be communicated effectively and consistently to create confidence in the health of the company.
  2. The leader recognizes that people are looking to them for direction and that leader creates a presence that helps people feel comfortable and safe.
  3. The leader takes the time needed to create conversations, share critical information and create action plans the involve everyone in the company.

The 7 Stages of Growth provides CEOs with a myriad of tools to utilize no matter what stage of growth they are in. Remember, language doesn’t describe the experience, it defines the experience. Change the language and you change the experience.

Think about the different hidden agents in addition to Leadership Modality when companies are facing difficult times – either externally created or internally created.

A leader must always be prepared for the unexpected. Being able to turn to a research-proven model that identifies alternative ways of thinking in order to communicate more effectively and engage every individual in a conversation can be the difference between managing through uncertain times or struggling.

There are a couple of resources on the GCS Membership site that address this hidden agent and you can check them out also.


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Page 3:  Using Leadership Modality to Engage a CEO

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GCS Training Session 4: BP, Modality, 3 Faces of a Leader

How To Explain Leadership Modality

Take the time to understand this powerful hidden agent. Share the concept of Leadership Modality with your CEOs. Help them understand the importance of Presence in each stage of growth as well as in difficult or challenging times.


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