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For the first time EVER! Everything you need to know about the 7 Stages of Growth in one convenient package. Flash Sheets by FlashPoint! will help you understand:

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Flash Sheets by FlashPoint!  provide you with even more insight into the 7 Stages of Growth. The more you understand the concepts in this unique program, the more confident you will be in introducing the 7 Stages of Growth to business owners.  You’ll not only receive your Flash Sheets, you’ll be able to immediately download a digital version and an audio version. I’ve made this information easy-to-access and easy-to-read.

Your Flash Sheets include a Stages of Growth Matrix and explains BY STAGE OF GROWTH:

  1. Why the Names are critical to explain when you sit down with a CEO. If you help a CEO understand the reason Stage 4 is called Professional, you’ll get immediate buy-in as they relate to the issues a Stage 4 company is experiencing.
  2. Every issue in a company falls under one of these Gates of Focus: People Gate, Process Gate, Profit/Revenue Gate. Help a CEO understand how to help his/her managers explore the root cause of an issue by asking: Is that a People Issue, a Process Issue or a Profit/Revenue issue? Get to the heart of a problem quicker.
  3. Change the conversation between a CEO and his/her management team using the Builder/Protector hidden agent. Ask: Why are you feeling more protector-like today? Or what is creating your high level of confidence (Builder mindset) and can you share that with us?
  4. The CEO’s modality in Stage 5 has to be facilitative. Help a Stage 5 CEO understand this important hidden agent and you’ll see an immediate shift in how they view their role with 58 -95 employees.
  5. Is your CEO prepared to step up his/her leadership skills as the company grows? If a leader is taken on a high percentage of Specialist Face in Stage 3, 4 and 5, you will be able to diagnose why his/her leadership team isn’t stepping up, creating a lack of traction and a loss of momentum. Understanding the Three Faces of a Leader provides a CEO with a serious reality check. 
  6. If you can put a name to a problem, you can fix that problem. The 27 challenges allows people to put words to their concerns, encourages dialogue and clarifies different perspectives using a collaborative and consensus-driven approach. 

For the first time EVER, all of the concepts in the 7 Stages of Growth are available in one easy-to-read booklet. Flash Sheets by FlashPoint! provide you with all the information you need to increase your confidence in explaining to CEOs what is happening as they move from one stage of growth to another. 

Become the business adviser CEOs want to hire! The 7 Stages of Growth and the Stages of Growth X-Ray provide business adviser’s a tested approach to creating alignment, increasing engagement and creating action plans that get implemented.

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Stage 1 Survive and Thrive, Stage 2 Sales Ramp Up, Stage 3 The Art of Delegation, Stage 4 Managing the Managers, Stage 5 Leadership Intergration, Stage 6 Fostering Happy Employees