Stage 2 Sales Ramp Up


You have made it through the startup stage, where survival was paramount. Now you need to create a foundation of growth that can carry you forward. 

Look around your company and ask:

What do my best employees look like?
What roles do we need to move forward?
Do you have the right people in those roles today?

All too often, the people that were with you in the beginning, may not have the skills to help the company grow. 


You aren’t sure when it happened, but without being cognizant of it, you have between 11 – 19 employees. That’s a lot of people who rely on you to bring home the bacon.

You are now the proud owner of a Stage 2 company! Stage 2 is all about ramping up for growth – now is the time to start delegating responsibility to capable people and your focus needs to shift to managing the changes that accompany growth. It’s harder than ever to get work done, manage your time as well as your people.

Laurie’s second book is a must read if you have any intention of moving into Stage 3 in the future. Not taking care of the top challenges in Stage 2 will make that next transition extremely difficult.

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