Several of you are trained in a program I developed called Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone. It’s a program I developed because I am a believer in open book management and I know that open book management, while an effective idea, is hard for many CEOs to embrace.

This is to remind those of you trained on this program of the resources available to you on the GCS Membership Site.

My Profit Zone program is not open book management. But rather a program to improve financial literacy in organizations. It’s my belief, having run an organization, that teaching people how they impact a company’s bottom line is critical to a company’s success. I developed the Profit Zone program to help a CEO create a language of growth around what it takes to run a company. At no point in this program does a CEO have to divulge any financial data to the employees. That’s the beauty of it.

The Profit Zone is the relentless, precise and intense staff mindset to make and keep money for the enterprise. A company’s Profit Zone is responsible for maintaining and improving:

  1. Revenue generation
  2. Strategic and tactical focus of the company
  3. Gross and net profit margins
  4. Cash flow
  5. Cost structure
  6. Customer satisfaction
  7. Staff voltage
  8. Product/service quality
  9. Company innovation

How strong or weak a company’s Profit Zone is, determines the health of the enterprise. When a company is sloppy or ineffective with any of the Profit Zone activities, it makes and keeps less profit.

If it underperforms on too many of these items, it goes out of business. The Profit Zone is the Strike Zone, the profit sweet spot so necessary that the company’s very survival and success depends upon it. When every employee knows how his or her job responsibilities directly impact the Profit Zone, you are another step closer to bubble up growth.

There are several resources on the GCS Membership Site for those of you trained in this program and I wanted to highlight several of them.

There is a video called How to Market a Profit Zone Program and you can find it here:

Under the Tab Profit Zone Videos  

In addition to using it with a CEO and his/her management team, I’ve used this very successfully as a half day workshop for CEOs and managers. I have them complete the assessment as a hard copy version of the online assessment and find their strengths and weaknesses around the 9 Activities listed above. They can then create some action steps to improve. This can be a great source of generating leads for ongoing work.

Here’s how you find resources for the Profit Zone Program:

Under the Tab Resources

Under the Profit Zone Tab

You’ll find many resources, including the Training Manual, to refresh your memory of how to set up and deliver a Profit Zone program.

If you aren’t currently trained in this program and want to learn more about it, you know where to find me!

Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!