Stage 2: 18 minutes. In this series of short videos, one for each stage of growth, Laurie summarizes each stage of growth and shows the connections between the hidden agents. Stage 2 is no longer about survival, it’s about growth. Laurie talks about the CEOs ability to begin to delineate roles from their startup mentality, where everyone pitched in and did what was necessary, to this stage of growth that has the CEO identifying skills and talents needed to grow the company. What makes a great employee? Hiring Quality People is the top challenge and this supports the need for the top gate of focus to be on Profit. A CEO in Stage 2 needs to balance their Face of a Leader between Visionary and Specialist. To be confident in presenting the 7 Stages of Growth, understanding the interactions of the different hidden agents, is key. You may want to have a copy of your Stages of Growth Matrix available to review as you listen to these videos.