Stage 4: 22 minutes. In this series of short videos, one for each stage of growth, Laurie summarizes each stage of growth and shows the connections between the hidden agents. Coming from Stage 3, where the CEO learned the value of delegation and how to let go to let the company grow, their journey to Stage 4 is all about hiring and/or training professional managers who can start to develop critical processes and performance measures for their teams. The Builder/Protector Ratio is 3:2 and it is the only time the protector mindset is so high. It’s no surprise that Process is the top gate of focus. The CEO spends 70% of their time in the Manager Face, ensuring that the new managers get the direction they need. To be confident in presenting the 7 Stages of Growth, understanding the interactions of the different hidden agents, is key. You may want to have a copy of your Stages of Growth Matrix available to review as you listen to these videos.