Do you know why the Builder/Protector ratio is 3:2 in Stage 4? Do you know it’s the ONLY time the Protector Ratio becomes so high in all the 7 stages of growth? Can you explain to a CEO why understanding this critical hidden agent can make or break their ability to manage growth in Stage 4?

Do you know why Leadership Modality is Facilitative in Stages 3, 4 and 5? Can you explain what a Facilitative Modality looks like? Or what it may sound like as the CEO addresses his/her team?

Or, why the Builder/Protector ratio bumps up to 3:1 in Stage 6? Can you explain the Affiliative Leadership Style to a CEO and explain why that style is so critical with 96 – 160 employees?

And, can you explain the change in the Three Faces of a Leader as a company moves from Stage 3, to Stage 4? This conversation is a MUST when you talk to a leader who is struggling with delegation and letting go to let the company grow.

Find all of these Overviews in the 7 SOG Videos Tab:

Stage 1 Overview

Stage 2 Overview

Stage 3 Overview

Stage 4 Overview

Stage 5 Overview

Stage 6 Overview

Stage 7 Overview

Once you listen to all of these videos, you will know ALL of the answers to the questions above!

They are all approximately 24 minutes in length and are full of critical information on how to explain to a specific stage of growth CEO what they need to be aware of.

Looking for a way to engage a CEO in a conversation?

Looking for Blog Post material for the coming year?

By listening to just these 7 short videos, you will feel confident going into a conversation with a CEO.

By just listening to these 7 short videos, you will have content to populate your blog post for the rest of the year!

I strongly suggest you listen to these videos to give you ideas on how to improve your knowledge of the stages of growth and ultimately your confidence in positioning the 7 Stages of Growth to a CEO.

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Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!


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