Stage 4 Managing the Managers


Stage 4 is all about internal focus, internal processes and finding professional managers who know how to get work done through people and processes.

Your job #1 is helping your managers become better managers to protect your values and your culture. Toxic managers run rampant in too many organizations. Ignore these signs and your company will suffer. 

Are you working with every direct report?
Do you know their strengths?
Are you enforcing company policy?
Are you intentional in your communications?
Do you know your own limits?


In Stage 4, with 35 – 57 employees, you need managers who have ‘been there, done that’. This isn’t the time to think about saving money by hiring inexperienced managers.

Your leadership skills will be put to the test along with your ability to put your ego aside and hire people who know more than you do (and expect a pretty good-sized paycheck in return!) Still hanging on to your need to control everything? Still playing specialist or out there ‘visioning’ your next opportunity? Sorry – wrong time, wrong focus. The top gate of focus is Process. Are you focused on the critical Master Processes for your stage of growth?

In Laurie’s fourth book, you’ll understand the need to up your manager skills, improve your communication skills, getting the right people on board, putting effective processes in place and maintaining your market position.



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